If you have any archive footage taken at Manchester Airport, Barton or Woodford, we would be delighted to able to show it to a wide audience. Please get in touch with us via our CONTACT page. 

Thanks to Dave Ross.

Thanks to Martin Lloyd.

N607PE departure. Thanks to Alistair Craven

N751DA - 27 May 1996. Thanks to Alistair Craven

A flight over Woodford April 2015 - Thanks to Eoin Anderson

Concorde final flight, 31st October 2003 - Thanks to Stephen Angus

Cine film from 4th July 1970 - Thanks to Stephen Angus

Red one to London

A 51-minute film charting the progress of 'BE515' from Amsterdam to Heathrow.

BEA film about Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport 1972 - Thanks to Brian Ellwood

This film was shot on a Kodak Super 8 cartridge camera. There wasn't any narrative, because although I had a family interest in aeroplanes ( I was in the Air Training Corps for a few years).

I wasn't a dedicated plane spotter so I'm not knowledgeable on the different plane types. We often used to take a trip on the bus from Withington to the airport for an afternoon out.

This was one afternoon out on a lovely summer day which ended with a short flight in a Cessna around the Airport and over South Wythenshawe.

Manchester Airport 1986 Pt.1 - Thanks to Steve Higgins

Amateur documentary about Manchester Airport by Steve Higgins and Steve Mason shot in 1986 on VHS compact. See the life of a plane spotter explained. How an aviation enthusiast lives. Tips on plane spotting in Manchester, where to go; what are the best places?

Manchester Airport 1986 Pt.2

Part 2 of their amateur documentary filmed in 1986 at Mancester Airport and the surrounding area, showing the lives and interests of planer spotters and aviation enthusiasts.

Manchester Airport in the 1990s (Part.1) - Thanks to Alan Lord

Manchester Airport in the 1990s (Part.2)

Manchester Airport in the 1990s (Part.3)

Manchester Airport in the 1990s (Part.4)

Manchester Airport in the 1990s (Part.5)

Manchester Airport - 1990s (Part.6)

Manchester Airport - 1990s (Part.7)

Manchester Airport 13th October 1991 -Thanks to Simon Lowe

This video footage features a number of diversions which arrived due to fog in the South.

With thanks to Lee Holden for the following clips..

26th September 1992

3rd/4th & 6th October 1992

9th October 1992

17th October & 15th November 1992

12th December 1992

2nd January 1993

3rd & 9th January 1993

31st January 1993

7th February 1993

20th June 1999