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Thanks to Jim Newton for the following.

Here is an image taken on a typical day at 06 ( freezing cold.)
The assembled throng were waiting for the C-141 Starlifter 50222 that was bring in a team of Auditors (for Burtonwood). Call sign was “Elvis 14 ” being from the ANG unit at Memphis.
Amongst the frozen contingent in shot are:
Dave Caris  - at the left
Ian Doyle  - behind DC
Mike Standing  - next to ID
Alan Meredith  - on his left
Geoff Ball
None of the others are known to me with the exception of Martin Chell (who appears to be trying to strangle himself!)

Thanks to John Brewer from the following:

This is a photograph of the Ringway Spotters Club from the late-1950s. John is second on the front row and tells the story as follows;

'' I can't identify everyone on the picture but David Esther is on the extreme right. However, Barry Abraham, the Chairman, became a noted historian on British airfields, but sadly died several years ago. Also to his right is Tony Brock, the original editor from Poynton. Directly to his left is Simon (?) and on my left at the front with binoculars is 'Curly' (David Lawrence) who was a local at Woodford and monitored their visitors.


Also mentioned in the article is Alex Turner (4th from right at the back), who was one of the senior members but I think the picture also shows Malc Goosey, who with another member formed NAPS. These two were the founding fathers of the British Aircraft Preservation movement. Other members include Paul Tomlin, who is still active with his Edendale website.''

Thanks to Paul Rowland for the following:

Andy Hall poses outside an 'iconic' retail outlet that spotters, enthusiasts and photgraphers of a certain age will certainly remember.


The Odd Bottle off-licence was run by Mr.Bernard Fullalove and his wife from the 1960s up until the mid-1980s when the shop, along with several adjoining cottages were compulsory purchased and eventually demolished.


My personal experience of the man and his shop, situated on Ringway Road, a little further down from the Airport Hotel towards the Airport, was that it was sparsely stocked but would make sandwiches to order. Bernard Fullalove was a tall, polite man with grey hair and wore an 'Arkwright' style brown coat/overall.


This photograph was taken by Paul Rowland on 24th January 1982. The reason for the boarded-up window was believed to be due to an altercation with a fire engine.  

Here we see a group of spotters enjoying a mornings worth of diverted aircraft.


Note both the Mk.1 & Mk.2 Ford Escorts.


Seen here (L-R): Andy Hall, Brian Hadfield, Mike Ward and Dave Leigh.